If you have done more than 15-20 hours of driver training we would conduct an assessment lesson first (£70 for 2 hours) to establish how much training you would need to reach current test standard. Once you have finished your course, your instructor will be able to tell you approximately how much further training you may or may not need to reach current test standard. We can then book you in for any additional training and the practical test. Prices can vary depending on how much training is needed. Please keep in mind the additional lessons run at £142.00 for 4 hours and £204.00 for the test day.

No requirement to hold a valid theory test pass certificate for the assessment lesson.
    We will structure a course length tailored to your specific level of competence after you have completed the intial assessment.
    Free unlimited theory training support if required.   Full trainer booking facilities so we can manage the entire process of your driver training
    Maximum student progress achieved through modern intensive training.

To book an assessment, please click the link below.

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