To a degree, how you run your driving school franchise is up to you, but nobody wants to be a busy fool, and to be completely honest, the whole point of running your own business is so that you can earn greater job satisfaction, maximise your profits and have more you time.  The good news is, with a Parrot Driver Training Driving School Franchise, you will easily achieve a work life balance that is both financially rewarding whilst at the same time giving you far more free time to relax and spend time with your family. This is the whole point of having your own business, work to live, not live to work. Remember: work smart, not hard.   Below are three case studies on how you can make the driving school franchise work for you. Ultimately, you can run your driving school franchise however suits you best, but we would advise you stick as close as possible to the current model. You should expect to always have at least a three month lead time at all times with our business plan.  For example, as of the date of October 2023, the Hull office had a full training schedule booked out at 40 hours a week each,  for three instructors - with no spaces - until mid January 2024.

Case Study #1

3 to 1

The 3 to 1 method is exactly as it sounds. The 3 being the instructors, and the 1 being the office staff. The idea behind this is quite simple and the most common way of running the driving school franchise. The instructors can concentrate on the intensive driving lessons and instructing whilst the office staff - all 1 of them, manage the training schedule, book tests and liaise with customers. Providing the office administrator keeps the training calendar updated, the instructor has no other burden other than training the students to drive. This reduces stress, fatigue and administration for the instructor, leaving them to concentrate on doing what they do best! Typically, to run this amount of instructors, the office will need to be operational between 10-15 hours a week. The availability of courses can also, if desired, be seen and purchased online requiring minimal office administration. The option of a customer being able to purchase an intensive course online is a game changer and is an excellent tool for maintaining a healthy lead time. For this case study we'll round up figures to make the maths easy. We would also advise you to set your own pricing/payment structure for your own demograpic location, you know your own stomping ground and economic settings much better than we do, but as a rule of thumb, you should expect to be able to comfortably charge out at somewhere between £35-40 per hour.

Chargeable hourly rate
Instructor hourly rate

Based on all three instructors working a 40 hour week, the figures work out as follows:

Total hourly income for one week
Individual instructor payment
Total instructor payment
Income less instructor payment